About Swami Vidya Prakashananda Giri

1. Birth :      1914 April 13, Ananda Nama Year

2. Name :     Ananda Mohan

3. Education:     1.Matriculation in his 13th year, Vijayawada
                        2. B.A., From Noble College, Machilipatnam in 1933 Andhra University
                        3. Hindi "KOVIDA" from Hindi Vidya peetha, Varanasi

4. Finding a copy of the Gita in the Holy Ganges:  While bathing in the Ganges at Rishikesh, He found a Sanskrit copy of the Gita worshipped wih flowers. This was the great moment which fixed the goal of His life.

5.Gurukula Life :  On May 17th 1936 at the age of 23, He entered into "Gurukula Life" at Sri Vyasa Asramam, Yerpedu, Chittoor- District, with the blessings of H.H.Sri Sadguru Maharshi Malayala Swamiji

6. Tapas(Meditation) :  He was on meditation for twleve years taking uncooked food only. He observed  total silence(Mounam) for one year during this time.

7.Accceptance of Sannyasa:  At the age of 34 on July 3rd 1947 He was initiated into Sannyasa Diksha by  H.H.Sadguru Maharshi Malayala Swamiji(Asangananda Giri Swamiji)

8. Sannyasa Name:  Sri Vidya Prakashananda Giri Swamy

9. Ashram Establishment: At the age of 37, on January 20th 1950  He established Sri Suka Brahma Ashram on  the banks of Suwarnamuki at Srikalahasthi-517640, Chittoor- Dist, Andhra pradesh.-INDIA

10. Gita Yagna:  Started the first "Gita Yagna" on 2-12-1956 at Narasaraopeta, Guntur Dist.-AP.

11. The centenary Gitayagna was celebrated at the Exhibition grounds, in Hyderabad on 25-4-1981 by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams.

12. Important Programmes held at the Ashram:
     1963 march     --Pearl Jubilee
     1975              --Silver Jubilee
     2001             --Golden Jubilee

13. Journal :  A monthly journal called "Vedanta Bheri" was started in  January 1963.

14. A Sacred work by Swamiji "Gita Makarandam" was released on March 6th, 1963.

15. College:   A Degree college in August 1966 and a Junior College for Girls in 1982 were started by the Government with the donation of Sri Swamiji, the colleges are named after Sri Swamiji.

16. Audio and Video Cassettes/dvds on "Gita":
      Recognising the importance of Swamiji's lectures on the "Gita", the Tirumala Tirupathi Devastanams  Management brought out Audio Cassettes/cd on this in December 1981, it was recorded at Vetapalem of Prakasam Dist.
     Swamiji's Seepeches on "The Gita" were recorded on video cassettes in April 1987 from Mahaboob  College, Secunderabad by T.T.Devasthanam's. They were subsequently released for sale to the public.

17. Eye Hospital:   "Trinetra Vydyalayam- Bhakta Kannappa Free Eye Hospital" was started by Swamiji at  Sri Suka Brahma Ashram on 28-4-1993 catering to needs of many poor people.

18. Appointment of a Successor :   On 12-4-1996 Sri Swamiji appointed His disciple Sri Vidya Swarupananda Giri Swamy as His successor to Him to take charge of the Ashram at Sri Kalahasthi.

19. Maha Samadhi:  Pujya Sri Swamiji united The Divine Soul on 10-4-1998 chaitra suddha chaturdasi day.

20) Guru Vidyaprakashanandagiri  Swamiji's Hand Writing: GITA, KATHA UPANISHATH AND PATANJALI YOGA SUTRAS(TEXT).

21) For some more Information: WIKIPEDIA