23 Jan 2016


The Necessity of Liberation
No one desires bondage in this world. Everyone thinks of cutting away the bonds encircling him and becoming free.
15. వాసః కాంచన పంజరే నృపవరైర్నిత్యం తనోర్మార్జనం 
లక్ష్యం స్వాదురసాలదాడిమఫలం పేయం సుధాభం పయః
వాచ్యం సంసది రామనామసతతం ధీరస్య కీరస్య భో
హాహా హన్త తధాపి జన్మవిటపి క్రోడం మనో ధావతి ||
A king was rearing a parrot with great love. Keeping it in a golden cage, getting it bathed himself feeding it with sweet mangoes and pomegranates, making it drink nectar like milk, taking it to court and making it utter the name of Rama, has was giving it great honour. But that parrot was always weeping and shedding tears. What is the reason for its weeping, when there were so many comforts and honour? Bondage was the reason. "When will I breathe free air going into my native place of forest and sitting on a great tree". So feeling, the parrot was weeping day and night, "O! People! Bliss will come only in our own place, whatever may be the pleasures in other place, they only cause fear". Like this the parrot was teaching a good lesson to the people.
If a fish is taken out of water, placed on a throne, fanned with soft whisks, fed with tasty food and served with royal honours, will it get even a speck of satisfaction? Only when it is left in water, its native place, it will get complete happiness. Likewise the Jiva, leaving his own source, paramatma, facing many a torment in this world, will get perfect only when he reaches back his real source. It is most necessary for him to remember his own state, shake off the sorrows and enjoy bliss. It is most expedient to think about such a state of liberation and make efforts to obtain it.


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